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Laura Frankel

Laura Frankel is the former chef and founder of the Shallots restaurants. She has training and extensive experience in both savory and pastry kitchens. After starting a family, she began maintaining a kosher home and found that there was nowhere in Chicago serving the quality of food that she knew she could offer. She opened her first restaurant in 1999 offering kosher fine dining with a produce-driven menu. She opened Shallots NY in 2000 in Mid-town Manhattan. In 2004, she moved her Chicago restaurant to Skokie and created Shallots Bistro.

Laura is the author of JEWISH COOKING FOR ALL SEASONS and JEWISH SLOW COOKER RECIPES. An avid farmer’s market and Green market supporter, Laura gives demos, teaches classes using market produce and gives shopping tours to local groups in Chicago at the famed Green City Market.

Laura is currently the Executive Chef for Wolfgang Puck Kosher Catering at the Spertus Institute for Jewish studies in Chicago Her website is Before committing herself to her culinary passion, she played both alto and baritone saxophones. She taught and played professionally. Laura has three children—Zachary, 21, Ari, 19, and Jonah, 15—who all love to cook and eat great food!

Articles by this Author
Baking challah with love photo
Tips, advice, strategies and recipes for making delicious homemade challah
For the love of fried food photo_th

Every year, friends and family gather to celebrate the miracle of an event that happened in ancient times. After the Maccabian revolt, there was only enough oil in the temple to last one day. Miraculously, it lasted eight. All around the world, Jews gather to celebrate the holiday for eight days. We also gather to eat, for what would a Jewish holiday be without food?

Getting back to your roots photo_md

Short days and crisp nights herald the holiday season. I am always excited this time of year. The lighter fare of the summer is over and I crave heartier flavors.

The bitter truth about horseradish photo_th-2

We Jews love our food memories. We have our stand-by recipes that remind us of holidays, family, good times, and bad. And horseradish—maror in Hebrew—is one of those foods. I can’t even look at the root vegetable without the familiar smell taking me to Passover.

Fried Elegance for Chanukah photo_th

I want Chanukah this year to be a WOW! I am potato-ed out and frankly the thought of another sweet potato latke is as about as exciting as last year's Thanksgivukkah. HO-HUM!

A sweet alternative for the holidays photo_th

Who doesn’t love that first smear of honey dripping slowly off a crisp apple slice? Well, this year I am saying, ‘Put down the Honey Bear and try the honey from Israel.’ I am not talking about honey from bees; I am referring to Silan or date-honey.

Abi Gezunt! 'Be Healthy!' photo_th

When I had my restaurant in New York, I would take a break outside on 55th street and Madison Avenue. I watched, day after day, 2 hot dogs carts at lunch time. One cart was a kosher cart and one was not. I saw long lines form at the kosher cart as people would wait traffic light changes just to get to the kosher cart.

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