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Ron Krit

Ron Krit has been giving seminars, training clients, and writing about fitness for over 15 years! His philosophy centers on making fitness fun so that you look forward to working out and getting healthy. Ron has trained 4-year-olds up to 90-year-olds, of all ability levels. He's run bootcamps, pre/postnatal fitness classes, and corporate wellness workshops and gives seminars on fitness, healthy cooking, and self-defense. He educates clients on proper exercise form, portion control, cardio, weight-training, stretching and massage. He is a certified personal trainer through the International Sports and Science Association. During the day, Ron works at JUF, where he markets endowment vehicles. He lives with his wife and sons in Highland Park.

Articles by this Author
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Three Simple Steps for Getting in Shape
How to Avoid (and Embrace) Fitness Failure photo
If you are not getting the fitness results you want, think about what you can do differently.
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These four health tips, hacks and tricks are easier than starving yourself or “detoxing.”
My Wonderful Little Monsters photo

I cannot believe one of my sons is about to graduate from daycare. I know this does not sound like a milestone, but it is.

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I know that organic food uses less pesticide, no synthetic pesticides, and no antibiotics -- but are those reasons enough to buy organic?

Fit at 40 and Beyond photo_th

I am not one of those people who think 40 is old. I’m a few weeks from hitting that milestone, and I’m not having a midlife crisis -- well, at least not yet.

15 Years photo_th

I’m getting a little nostalgic. This is my 15th year of being a certified fitness trainer. I never imagined I would be in the fitness world this long. Training has moved from hobby and part-time job, to full-time passion. When I received my updated training card I couldn’t help but reflect back on all the people and places that have influenced me and my training style.

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