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Ron Krit

Ron Krit has been giving seminars, training clients, and writing about fitness for over 15 years! His philosophy centers on making fitness fun so that you look forward to working out and getting healthy. Ron has trained 4-year-olds up to 90-year-olds, of all ability levels. He's run bootcamps, pre/postnatal fitness classes, and corporate wellness workshops and gives seminars on fitness, healthy cooking, and self-defense. He educates clients on proper exercise form, portion control, cardio, weight-training, stretching and massage. He is a certified personal trainer through the International Sports and Science Association. During the day, Ron works at JUF, where he markets endowment vehicles. He lives with his wife and sons in Highland Park.

Articles by this Author
From Triple Stripe to Workout Tights photo
My old workout attire was cut-off t-shirts and old cargo pants or shorts I’d owned since high school.
Pull Your Own Weight photo
Body weight exercises having been making a huge comeback. There are many benefits to training this way.
Cutting Edge Fitness in the Northern Suburbs photo
When JCC Chicago announced the Marvin Lustbader Center for Health, Wellness and Fitness was opening in Northbrook (practically my neighborhood), I had to check it out.
Healthy Holiday Foods You Can Feast On photo
As the holidays approach, I’m usually scolding you and listing foods to avoid in my blog posts, so this year I’m doing the opposite.
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Three Simple Steps for Getting in Shape
How to Avoid (and Embrace) Fitness Failure photo
If you are not getting the fitness results you want, think about what you can do differently.
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These four health tips, hacks and tricks are easier than starving yourself or “detoxing.”

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