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The Ultimate Potato Salad
The Ultimate Potato Salad photo_th

Does anything spell American BBQ more than potato salad? I think not.

Pickled Okra Memories
Pickled Okra Memories photo_th2

My favorite thing about food, other than how most of it tastes amazing, is how it’s bonded to memory. What’s your favorite thing to eat? Think about that food right now. Where are you? You’re probably far, far away.

Grading the Bulls
Grading the Bulls photo_th

This is becoming a familiar feeling -- the Bulls’ season cut short by LeBron James.

What your selfie stick says about you
What your selfie stick says about you photo_th

After all this time, I’m sure you’re wondering: When will one of the writers at Oy!Chicago tackle the “selfie stick?”

Can a Personal Worst Be a Personal Best?
Can a Personal Worst Be a Personal Best? photo_th

Yesterday my brother stuck his head through my window in the Hebrew school carpool line and asked if I’m ready to quit. Like the rest of my family, Jeff doesn’t approve of my marathon habit, and while he hasn’t yet staged a full-blown intervention, he asked me the same question after my first one. And second. And third.

Oh, You Work Here Now?
Oh, You Work Here Now? photo_th

I have felt looked down upon many times in the various customer service jobs I have held over the years. I’ve often felt the need -- especially when unexpectedly reencountering former classmates -- to explain that my work at the mall/gym/concession stand was only temporary and that I was in fact studying/writing/traveling in my spare time.

Why not write a blog post for dear old Dad? photo_md3
Why not write a blog post for dear old Dad?

Give an unforgettable gift this Father’s Day. Oy!Chicago is looking for guest writers of all experience levels to contribute to our next special blog series, “World’s Greatest (Jewish) Dads,” a collection of stories recognizing and honoring fathers.


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18 Jewish Emojis that Need to Exist

When new Emojis rolled out for the iPhone last month (including the Israeli flag!), we got to thinking – there aren’t enough Emojis for Jews. Be it for the multitude of holiday greetings or just texting with your mother, a visual aid would make your conversation that much easier.

Call for nominations for the 2015 Chicago Jewish 36 under 36 list
Call for nominations for the 2015 Chicago Jewish 36 under 36 list photo_th

Who is an extraordinary Jew you know? We are looking for the young leaders, humanitarians, educators, social activists and movers and shakers of Chicago to be part of Double Chai in the Chi: Chicago’s annual Jewish 36 under 36 list.

An interview with Ivanka Trump
An interview with Ivanka Trump photo_th

The name 'Trump' has been a household name for decades. But lately Donald is sharing the spotlight with the younger generation of Trumps—his sons and his daughter, Ivanka.


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