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Bears Hang On
Bears Hang On photo_th

If before the season started someone told me the Bears would be 1-1, I’d say that sounded about right. But I’d assume that meant a win at home against Buffalo and a loss in the new stadium against San Francisco.

''Let It Go''
Let It Go 2 photo_th

It is not a secret that holding onto something — an idea, an object, or a person — isn’t healthy, but we all seem to do it. People often tell me that they have unexplainable pain, and after we talk they start to breathe and the pain magically disappears.

Your Money Mindset
Caryn Fields photo_th

With the Jewish New Year creeping upon us, I thought I would provide some thoughts on how to change your money mindset for 5775.

10,000 Days of Me
18 Chicago Facts (Sort of) That You (Probably) Don’t Know photo_th

On September 27, 2014, I turn 10,000 days old. That’s a lot of days of Adam. Lucky you, you didn’t have to spend all of them with me.

College Cult-ure
College Cult-ure photo_th

So many people look back on their college experience and say, “those were the best four years of my life.” Why? It probably has something to do with whatever caused me to pay $25 for a water bottle with my school’s name on it just so people would know what school I attend when I go to the gym; the same thing that gives me a little flutter of excitement when I happen across someone else wearing a shirt or hat with my school’s name on the street.

Into the light
Into the light photo_th

Only once do I recall someone saying something anti-Semitic in my presence. At a high school summer program away from home, a new acquaintance was speaking casually about shopping when she mentioned someone "Jew-ing" down the price.

A Guide to Kosher Ballpark Food
A Guide to Kosher Ballpark Food photo_th

Recently, I went to Atlanta to see Turner Field and the Braves and I was disappointed that they lacked a kosher hot dog. So below is an updated list of kosher stands (some unconfirmed) at various baseball stadiums, their supervision, and products.

18 Ways You Can Be Less Awful photo_md
18 Ways You Can Be Less Awful in 5775

Every year on the High Holidays, we think about what we can do to be better people in the year ahead. Well, change is like, hard, especially the self-improvement kind. So, we thought maybe it’s a bit more realistic to ask ourselves “how can I be less of a terrible person?”


What’s your favorite way to eat apples?

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8 Questions for Sara Grossman: Urination entrepreneur and Queen Pee of the Stand Up
8 questions for Sara Grossman photo_th

Sara Grossman is taking a stand – against sitting. On nasty toilet seats that is. Earlier this year, the Lincoln Park native launched a new product that looks to literally change the way women pee. Called the Stand Up, this “biodegradable, disposable peeing accessory” allows for a guilt-free, hygienic bathroom experience for women tired of holding it in, squatting or resorting to any other gross or undignified way of going number one.

Stars, we’re just like them?
Rachel Bertsche photo 2_th

"If only I could be more like…" We've all probably uttered this phrase. If only I could cook like, look like, dress like so-and-so-then I'd be happy. Chicago Jewish writer Rachel Bertsche, journalist, editor and bestselling author of MWF Seeking BFF, set out to see if living like the stars really does bring true happiness in her new book, Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me: The Pursuit of Happiness, One Celebrity at a Time (Ballantine Trade Paperback Original).

18 Things You Should Do Before Rosh Hashanah
18 Things You Should Do Before Rosh Hashanah_th

Not that we have anything against highs in the mid-70s, but as the calendar inches closer and closer to September (seriously, WHAT??), it’s kinda hard to believe that was it for summer this year. It’s been a joy pretending to live in northern California, but it’s time to face the truth, Oy!sters: fall and 5775 are fast-approaching, and with them sweaters, boots, and (even) cooler temps. We can practically taste the pumpkin spice lattes already.


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