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Ari Moffic Silver

Born and raised in Chicago, Ari Moffic Silver is a Jewish educator and foodie that has his finger on the pulse of Chicago's Jewish education experience, and also its dynamic, delectable, dining destinations! Now residing in Glencoe with his wife Ashley and baby daughter, Emma, Ari teaches third grade at Solomon Schechter Day School.

In his spare time, he likes to watch food shows and vocal competitions on TV, volunteer his time at his synagogue's Men's Club, chant from the Torah, tutor his Bar and Bat Mitzvah students, and coach several youth sports programs. He remains a foodie at heart and a certified Mixologist who enjoys frequenting the many restaurants and bars Chicago has to offer.


Articles by this Author
Choosing a Name For Our Jewish Baby photo_th

Imagine this for a moment. You are the creator of something completely new, special and unique. Your creation is about to come into the universe, and you are given the task of choosing the name. You have some ideas, but the moment to decide is rapidly approaching.

‘Tis the Season for Giving … But How? photo_th

If you’re like me, you probably get a ton of emails and countless mailed letters asking you to donate or to give to an organization. Many of them come around this time of the year, when the holiday spirit and the spirit of giving seem to collide in a frenzy of toys, appliances, gadgets and monetary donations.

Giving thanks when thanks doesn’t seem enough photo_th

This year, as the festively familial holiday known as Thanksgiving comes closer, I know I’ll have a Turkey Day unlike any other I’ve known. I know this because I will be spending it with my baby daughter, Emma.

Laughter, Mischief and Paper Planes photo_th

I love laughter. I love laughing. I love making others laugh as well as watching others make others laugh. To me, there’s nothing better than a good, hearty guffaw when things seem blue, or a side-splitting howl, all doubled up on the floor, completely in stitches.

Like a Good Neighbor ... photo_th

Have you actually thought about your neighbors, seen them or spent any time with them?

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