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Cindy Sher

Cindy Sher started her career at JUF 16 years ago. She is the Executive Editor of JUF News and hosts JUF's quarterly public affairs TV show "Sanctuary" on ABC 7 Chicago. Cindy studied Television Journalism at Northwestern University. She is currently pursuing her Executive Masters of Arts in Jewish Professional Studies at the Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership. She loves -- in no particular order -- 80s music, movies from all decades, mentoring grade school students, jogging along the lake, s'mores, and her friends and family.

Articles by this Author
Binging on the gift of 'Maisel' photo
Indeed, the hype is legit and, probably like many of you, I'm hooked.
Thanks and Giving photo
The wish lists of those in need put our own good fortune in perspective.
Cast away photo
When we think of the High Holiday season, certain rituals likely come to mind: Listening to the sounding of the shofar, tasting honey-kissed food, smelling freshly baked challah and kindled holiday lights, and gathering with loved ones.
Words matter photo
The Torah instructs us to speak words that ease, not words that hurt, for every human being is created in the image of God and everyone is precious and unique.
In tribute to menschy dads everywhere photo
Every June, when I pick out a Father's Day card for my dad, I'm disappointed by the selection.
Hey Judy photo
With Mother's Day just around the corner, I encourage you to give thanks for your mom, living or not, and think about what makes her special to you.
What do you wish to be free from photo

Every Passover, we're commanded to tell the story not just of our ancestors -- but of our own liberation from bondage.

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