Navigating singledom, maintaining relationships, searching for your bashert – it’s complicated. These stories can relate.

Putting the wedding day photo
In American culture and in the Jewish community, too, we get caught up in weddings.
The Birthright Crush that Wouldn’t Go Away photo 2
I’ll be honest -- when I signed up for Birthright Israel, I was just looking for a free trip. Then I met an Israeli boy named Elad.
Co-Designing Our Interfaith Wedding photo
How my atheist husband and I used Design Thinking to plan our big day
The memory file photo
When I was 4, my grandparents were flying in from Long Island to visit us in my hometown of Minneapolis, as they frequently did.
Into Me You See photo
Today I received another call from my old girlfriend … Comcast. I call her my old girlfriend because despite telling her I was never happy with her, she still calls me every week.
Love Thy (Evil) Companion photo
What Torah and modern psychology say about relationship stability and true love.
Intimate Connections photo
Move over, Steve Harvey. Chicago is home to three Jewish men doling out expert advice on dating, relating, and everything in between.
A moment at her side photo 1
My story, the narrative that I hold tightly at the center of who I am, the origin of all of my clinging and everything else that makes me a person, is about my mother.
margaritas on beach

You don’t know when or where you’re going to meet your beshert; you simply need to have faith you will find each other.

heart island
I’ve decided that I’m going to end the singles epidemic of our generation.  Single handedly.

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