Why We Retell the Story

Unleavened tales and ideas inspired by Passover

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Another question that I'd like to pose this Passover is how do we free ourselves from ourselves?
challah for passover
The connection between challah and Passover is not as far off as you might think.
My Four Passover Parenting Revelations photo 1
How could I create a seder that would engage my children so that they really listened to the story rather than counting the minutes until it was over?
Why We Retell the Story
We’re inviting you to share your personal stories and thoughts inspired by the festival of matzah in a new blog series, “Why We Retell the Story.”
A Patchwork of Passover Memories photo
I’ve experienced all kinds of seders, from more intimate tables to more crowded ones, and seders that reflect diverse parts of the Jewish community.

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