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When I graduated college two years ago, I thought the worst had happened. No seriously, I thought the world was ending. And in a way it was; I didn't believe all those people who told me things would get better, I didn't even believe that anyone was actually happy in the real the world – fakers.

And here I am two years later, living in the (semi) real world alive and well.

If year one is for aimlessly wandering through life, year two is most certainly for figuring it out – or at least part of it. So maybe you don't find your life's ambition or discover your passion in two years, but maybe you're not meant to. Maybe down the line we discover instant gratification isn't actually as gratifying as working towards something.

Two years and two months later I'm nowhere close to where I thought I'd be. I don't think most people are. We're all still grappling with the concept of life but somehow it seems less enormous. Maybe some people feel established in a job, a relationship or even a city. One down and life to go.  

College has now become a past life, a memory that's vague and vivid all at once that you tuck away for safe keeping. You no longer live with your best friends, or even in the same city as them. People are getting married. Work or graduate school is reality. Instead, as a two-year-olds (in real world years) there are now mountains that need climbing and epiphany's that need having.  

And now we're ready for them.  

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