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I recently indulged in a guilty pleasure of mine and read an article entitled "How to Date a Jewish Sorority Girl." I'm sure many of you saw the article floating around Twitter. As a recent college graduate, East Coast native and Jewish sorority girl, I naturally could not refrain. (There are probably more appropriate ways to introduce myself, but they are probably not as fitting.) Read More

Summer Sans Summer photo_th
July 1 will mark 15 years since I first began summer camp and, cheesily enough, started friendships that are 15 years old. It's one of those milestones like the anniversary of your bat mitzvah (which I obviously have no clue about), or the date that you and your boyfriend made it official (which I obviously just don't have). Read More

Ramblings After Year One photo_th
Sometimes I say "I just graduated" or "I recently started working," and now that it's a little over a year later, "just" and "recently" gotta go, and frankly it kind of sucks. Now I know that transitioning from the greatest four years of your life to the probably not-so-great beginning working years of your life was NO EASY FEAT. And I put that in caps because I think sometimes people underestimate the drastic lifestyle overhaul. Read More

A September to Remember photo_th
Now that summer has officially ended (even if the A.C. is still pumping) we can try and move on and embrace the fall season. And I believe that for every season you need something new – a new bag, a new man or maybe just a new attitude. Read More

What's My Age Again? photo_th
The first of what is sure to be many, many engagements was brought to my attention via Facebook this week. The happy couple whom I have known for some time suddenly looked different to me: older, more mature, and quite frankly brimming with a kind of happiness that I am having a hard time standing. Read More

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I grew up in a town that was 85 percent Jewish. Every summer I attended a camp that was 95 percent Jewish. Then I went to a college where I lived in a dorm that virtually emptied during the High Holidays. Despite these being rough estimates, I think it’s safe to say I live in the Jewish Bubble. Read More

Resolutions Resolved photo_th
The thing is, every year we make resolutions for the New Year. Exercise more, be a better son or daughter, be more spontaneous, etc. etc. And maybe we intend to keep these resolutions, but do we ever? Does anyone ever? Read More

A Case of March Madness photo_th
It might no longer be March, but it’s still Madness. Read More

Ramblings after Year Two photo_th
When I graduated college two years ago, I thought the worst had happened. No seriously, I thought the world was ending. And in a way it was; I didn't believe all those people who told me things would get better, I didn't even believe that anyone was actually happy in the real the world – fakers. Read More

Find Your Soul photo_th
SoulCycle, the New York-based spin chain, recently opened a studio in D.C., where I live. For months, all I had been hearing from friends in other cities was how awesome SoulCycle was and how it was “so great” etc., etc., and frankly I was getting sick of it. I needed to try a class out for myself. Read More

Generation Wanderlust photo_th
As I prepare to jet off for a week-long trip to South America, a trip I have been saving for and planning for years, I can’t help but wonder about the rise of Millennials making “hashtag wanderlust” not only a thing but a way of life. Read More

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