Tell us your story of why inclusion matters

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Inclusion is a core value of Chicago's Jewish community. Jewish organizations and synagogues have doubled their efforts in recent years to be more accessible and welcoming to individuals with disabilities and their families. With February being Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion Month, we at Oy!Chicago thought we'd recognize the ongoing importance of this meaningful work by sharing your stories through a special blog series, "Accepted, Welcomed & Included."

Whether you, a friend or family member has a disability or special needs, your life's work is inclusion, or you volunteered once to help those with disabilities and it had a profound impact, we want to help you tell your stories -- the triumphs and the struggles -- to educate and inspire others. More importantly, we want to share it with others who can relate. 

To pitch your idea, send us a message with a paragraph description of what your piece would be about and by Tuesday, Jan. 23.

The only requirements are that the post should in some way relate to the theme, and that you are 21 or older. We will review your submission and let you know if we are interested in working with you and running your piece in the series, which will run the week of Feb. 5-9.

Please note that Oy!Chicago is unable to offer compensation for our blog series submissions.

Thanks for your interest!

Stef & Steven

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