Newish and Jewish in Chicago

Stories of moving, adjusting and finding community in Jewish Chicago

McKinley Park

 Moving my family to an unlikely neighborhood has been the good kind of uncomfortable

If You Cook It, They Will Come photo 1
Building my new Chicago Jewish community around the dinner table, and other surprising places
Ben Does Chicago, Part 2 photo 1
It took eight years and two cross-country moves, but I’m finally ready (and honored) to tell you the story of how I became a Chicagoan.
10 Tips for Jewish Young Adults in the Chicago Suburbs photo 1
As a 25-year-old Jewish girl, a handful of Chicago friends advised me to live in the city, but I picked the suburbs.
‘I’ll Never Move to Chicago’ photo 1
I’ve moved around a few times since leaving the Milwaukee suburbs as an 18-year-old to attend college, but none was more unappealing than the prospect of moving to Chicago.
Newi-ish and Jewish in Chicago photo

Whether you’re a kid or a young adult -- moving is hard. Joining a new community can be difficult, but it can also be downright liberating. That’s why Oy!Chicago is looking for guest writers of all writing experience levels to contribute to our next special blog series, “New-ish and Jewish in Chicago.”

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