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Learning to Be an Upstander
Learning to Be an Upstander photo_th

My papa, Ralph Rehbock, has been the greatest influencer and teacher in my life. Since surviving the Holocaust as a young boy, he has never been shy speaking about his past, or about teaching the lessons of the Holocaust as a member of Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center’s Speakers’ Bureau.

Ich Bein a Juden
Ich Bein a Juden photo_th

My grandfather’s Judaism called to him when he was 16. It was 1942. His family had emigrated to America decades earlier and he was living the American Dream.

A hero’s story
A hero’s story photo_th

When I was in junior high, my family hosted a woman in our home who was in town for a weekend speaking engagement. She was in her 70s at the time, blonde, and wore tailored skirt suits. Warm and gentle, yet strong, she reminded me of my grandmothers.

My Grandfather the Barber
My Grandfather the Barber photo _th

I first remember learning about the Holocaust when I was 5 years old. Sitting in my grandparents’ living room, the camera crew entered with all of their equipment and I sat quietly on the couch with the rest of my family as we waited for the interviewer to begin asking my grandfather questions.

The ultimate act of defiance
The ultimate act of defiance photo_th

I am the grandson of Holocaust survivors who were lucky enough to escape the Nazis.

My Wonderful Little Monsters
My Wonderful Little Monsters photo_th

I cannot believe one of my sons is about to graduate from daycare. I know this does not sound like a milestone, but it is.

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Nominations now open for the fifth annual Chicago Jewish 36 under 36 list

Who is an extraordinary Jew you know? We are looking for young leaders, humanitarians, educators, social activists – the young adult movers and shakers of Chicago – to recognize on our annual Double Chai in the Chi: Chicago’s Jewish 36 under 36 list.


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New play ‘A Splintered Soul’ explores moving forward in America after the Holocaust
New play ‘A Splintered Soul’ photo_mth

A Splintered Soul brings a unique interpretation to the traditional Holocaust stories shared on stage.

‘Nurture the Wow’ focuses on the spirituality of parenting
‘Nurture the Wow’ focuses on the spirituality of parenting photo_th

After Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg became a mother for the first time, she found herself trying to make sense of this profound life-changing experience that we call parenthood.

Third annual JCC Chicago Jewish Film Festival opens March 10
Third annual JCC Chicago Jewish Film Festival photo_th

Jack Yonover is quite an impressive and articulate eighth grader. Two years ago, Yonover, who is allergic to pistachios and cashews, came up with the idea to make a documentary for his bar mitzvah project reflecting on the fears and frustrations of living with food allergies.



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