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One Mom, Four Kids, Five Days
One Mom, Four Kids, Five Days photo_th

I’ve had a lot of help in my life. I have a very dependable husband who fills in my various deficiencies quite nicely. I have a wonderful family and friends that pinch hit for me when I’m late, lost and overwhelmed.

Bears Pre-Season 2014
Bears Pre-Season 2014 photo_th

You know its baseball season in Chicago when we start getting excited to watch Bears Pre-Season games. With the dust settled from the crazy NBA free agency period, I am ready to dive headfirst into Bears football.

Laughter, Mischief and Paper Planes
Laughter, Mischief and Paper Planes photo_th

I love laughter. I love laughing. I love making others laugh as well as watching others make others laugh. To me, there’s nothing better than a good, hearty guffaw when things seem blue, or a side-splitting howl, all doubled up on the floor, completely in stitches.

Why I Am a Coco-Nut
Why I Am a Coco-Nut photo_th

I wake up 20 minutes early every day just to swish coconut oil around in my mouth. During those extra, should-be-still-sleeping-in-my-comfortable-bed 20 minutes, I am actual-ly helping both my health and my business.

Just Say “Yes”
Just Say “Yes” photo_th

Have you ever noticed how improvisational actors need to accept whatever is offered to them on stage? In order for a scene to flow, the actors take whatever arises and continue on. What if we did that in real life as well?

Na-nu Na-nu
Na-nu Na-nu photo_th

In the wake of the tragic loss of Robin Williams, I once again turn to writing and humor as a way to find solace. So thank you for humoring me as I attempt to humor you. I was originally going to write about something more light-hearted. Like how right now I have to be scared of Ebola again. But that’s not happening anymore. Well, the Ebola thing is actually still happening, I’m just not writing about it.

18 Things You Should Do Before Rosh Hashanah_md
18 Things You Should Do Before Rosh Hashanah

Not that we have anything against highs in the mid-70s, but as the calendar inches closer and closer to September (seriously, WHAT??), it’s kinda hard to believe that was it for summer this year. It’s been a joy pretending to live in northern California, but it’s time to face the truth, Oy!sters: fall and 5775 are fast-approaching, and with them sweaters, boots, and (even) cooler temps. We can practically taste the pumpkin spice lattes already.


What’s your favorite kind of frozen dairy dessert?

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8 Questions for Meg Grunewald: Improv veteran, sketch comedian, master of characters
8 Questions for Meg Grunewald photo_th

For Meg Grunewald, comedy has many faces. And wigs. And voices. The Chicago-raised comedian and veteran of Chicago’s improv and sketch comedy scene says she has always loved impressions and creating characters, a specialty she has chosen to highlight for the entire month of August in a “character a day” project.

If I knew then what I know now
If I knew then what I know now photo_th

Oy!Chicago asked Chicagoans to tell us the biggest piece of advice they'd give (if they could) to their younger selves-back at the time of their bar or bat mitzvahs. Here's what they told themselves!

Double Chai Check-In: Matt Rissien raps and responds to Jewish crisis
Double Chai Check-In: Matt Rissien photo_th

Matt Rissien’s dedication to the Jewish community, especially to younger generations, has only grown since being named one of Chicago’s Jewish 36 Under 36 in 2013. He has continued to find new ways to engage Jewish youth as director of youth activities at Congregation Beth Shalom in Northbrook, including revamping the congregation’s youth lounge.


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