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Lifestyle Changes that Last
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Whenever my mom wants to diet, instead of using the “D” word, she professes that she’s making a lifestyle change. I like the way this woman thinks.

Generation Wanderlust
Generation Wanderlust photo_th

As I prepare to jet off for a week-long trip to South America, a trip I have been saving for and planning for years, I can’t help but wonder about the rise of Millennials making “hashtag wanderlust” not only a thing but a way of life.

Tomatoes and Premature PSL
Tomatoes and Premature PSL photo_th

Can we talk about the recent announcement that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is coming soon? Like very soon -- Aug. 25 soon. How can this be happening to us, Chicago?

Cubs Ahead of Schedule
Cubs Ahead of Schedule photo_th

The Chicago Cubs' nine-game win streak came to an end this weekend, after a dominant 15-strikeout performance by Chris Sale in a loss to the White Sox on Sunday at U.S Cellular Field.

My Wedding Subconscious
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I’m realizing that there’s one aspect of wedding planning that I can’t control and it is driving me crazy. It’s my stupid subconscious.

Out of the shadows
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I froze. There were words coming out of my mouth but I felt other-worldly – removed from my voice, my body.

8 Questions for Charlie Schwartz photo_md
8 Questions for Charlie Schwartz: Rabbi, educator-technologist and pseudo-prophet

God recently spoke to Rabbi Charlie Schwartz. Which is weird, because he doesn’t believe in a God that has a voice. But the experience was so unexpected, and so meaningful, that he shared an ELI Talk about it and the lessons he walked away with this past June in Chicago.


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Double Chai Check-In: Laurie Grauer is building Chicago ‘A Wider Bridge’
Double Chai Check-In: Laurie Grauer photo_th2

If the whole world is, according to Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, a gesher tzar m’od, or a “very narrow bridge,” then Laurie Grauer is working tirelessly to make it wider.

Beyond the Emancipation Proclamation
Beyond the Emancipation Proclamation photo_th

At a time when America's heroes are dwindling, filmmakers, and historians have turned to Illinois's own Abraham Lincoln for inspiration.

Double Chai Check-In: Asha Goldstein continues pursuing tikkun olam
Double Chai Check-In: Asha Goldstein photo_th

Asha Goldstein’s decision to convert to Judaism was not about her. Although becoming a Jew by choice in 2008 played a big role in developing her identity as a Jewish woman, Goldstein’s embrace of Judaism was more about adopting a set of values that emphasizes helping others, and bringing her family closer.


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