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A Rabbi, A Priest and My Brother’s Wedding
A Rabbi, A Priest and My Brother’s Wedding photo_th

My eldest brother recently got married to a beautiful woman whom I’m now fortunate to call my sister-in-law. The Drake Hotel in Chicago was the perfect romantic backdrop for the magical evening celebrated with close friends and family, scrumptious food, delicious drinks and a groovy band.

40 …
40 … photo_th

In just a few days I’m going to be 40. FORTY. How did that happen? Whoever said that time flies, wasn’t joking around. It feels like I was in high school about half an hour ago and suddenly here I am at an age that sounded light years away.

My Crazy, Beautiful Israeli Classroom
My Crazy, Beautiful Israeli Classroom photo_th

As I reflect on my TALMA experience, I feel as if an overwhelming amount of change and growth has taken place. There are the superficial, surface changes like living in a different country for a month, getting slightly tanner, gaining new friends and eating large amounts of hummus and pita for four consecutive weeks, but really, it goes beyond that.

Eating Like a Kid
Eating Like a Kid photo_th

Okay, guys. Brace yourself. This is big. Or, rather, not so big. More like kid-sized -- but amazing. I have recently discovered that even if you are, in fact, 29 years old, you can be a kid again and order from the kids menu at a restaurant.

Hacking Holiday Heft
Hacking Holiday Heft photo_th

To survive hibernation, bears pack on the pounds in autumn. We do the same thing, even though binge watching Netflix is not the same as hibernating.

Interview with Chicagoan and former Royal Tony Cogan
Interview with Chicagoan and former Royal Tony Cogan photo_th

It’s World Series time, so it’s time for Jews everywhere to find a connection to the Series. Well, Kevin Pillar is done. Theo Epstein didn't come through. How about we go back in time a little?

18 Dos and Don’ts of Attending Jewish Young Adult Events photo_md
18 Dos and Don’ts of Attending Jewish Young Adult Events

Jewish young adult events are one of the best ways to meet people in Chicago, but getting the most out of them is a true art form. There can be anywhere from a dozen to hundreds of people, and you never know who might show up.


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8 Questions for Becky Marks: Salad entrepreneur, a true Be Leafer
8 Questions for Becky Marks photo_th

The lunch salad is a staple of so many people’s work weeks, and now, downtown Chicago commuters have a lunch salad they truly “Be Leaf” in. Be Leaf, which opened this summer at 29 N. Wacker Drive, brings Loop leaf-eaters a fresh, locally sourced and environmentally conscious option among the city’s myriad salad bar-style lunch stops. And the woman behind it all is Becky Marks, a definite Jew You Should Know.

From Alex P. Keaton to off-screen hero
From Alex P. Keaton to off-screen hero photo_th

Back in the 1980s, I grew up on a steady diet of my favorite TV show, the sitcom Family Ties. I'd imagine what it would be like to be the fifth Keaton child. Don't get me wrong--I loved my own family ties. Still, I dreamed of being the long-lost sister on the show where you could solve a squabble with a sibling or a parent in the Keaton kitchen over hugs, laughs, and orange juice in 22 minutes flat. I envisioned myself knocking on the door to their Ohio home alongside sweet, awkward neighbor Skippy Handelman.

Tell us a scary (Hebrew school) story
Hebrew School Horror Stories photo_th

Hebrew school brings back a lot of memories. Unfortunately, a lot of those memories involved nagging our parents not to go. You could be a rabbi now, and chances are you still dreaded going to Hebrew school. Oy!Chicago is looking for guest writers of all experience levels to contribute to our next special blog series, "Hebrew School Horror Stories," a collection of first-person stories recalling the hardships of growing up Jewish.



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