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The first ever kosher turkey talk

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I love Thanksgiving. It is the most American of all holidays. As a Jew, I especially love the holiday—it’s the only time where I can eat a big fancy dinner, pile into the car and go visit friends or just drive around and look at the holiday lights. I can run to the store and pick up forgotten items and I can use the internet to check out pie recipes. On Jewish holidays, this would not be possible. Thanksgiving levels the playing field for Jews and makes you feel just like every other American.

We have a ritual in our house on Thanksgiving. I get up early, brew a huge pot of coffee, pull out the BIRD to warm it up to room temperature and cozy up on the couch and watch the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving parade. I love the excitement, the floats, the marching bands and the whole hoopla.

When I had my restaurant in New York I watched the floats being inflated at 2am in Central Park. It was amazing. I also had the thrill of watching the parade right there in Columbus Circle. It was great.

What I love the most are the flashes to the Butterball Turkey hotline room. There, turkey experts are gathered around phones excited and waiting to answer home cooks turkey challenges. I can see the intensity in the faces as they struggle to land the plane over the phone.

Turkey Talk is important. Most folks only cook a whole turkey once a year. A whole turkey can be a vexing thing. It is a big bird and it doesn’t exactly tell you when it is done, or to stuff or not to stuff, or how much meat per person. I remember, as a child, my father pulling out the electric knife and hacking at the bird. Maybe that’s why I cook for living?

This year Empire Poultry has joined forces with the ladies at Koshereye.com and myself to bring you KOSHER TURKEY TALK online. Finally—my childhood fantasy come true. Please contact KosherEye with your turkey questions and check out the festive recipes that I have written just for you.

Here’s some more info about Kosher Turkey Talk!:

Let’s talk kosher turkey—finally! For the first time ever, kosher consumers will have a Thanksgiving resource especially for them! Starting the first week of November, through November 22,  www.koshereye.com will provide advice, tips, assistance and recipes to help kosher Americans prepare a spectacular and kosher Thanksgiving meal for their families.

KosherEye.com is partnering with the knowledgeable staff at Empire Kosher Poultry and the renowned author, Chef Laura Frankel. Now kosher consumers will find a useful online resource especially for them on how to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner. These kosher turkey experts will be available to answer online turkey talk questions. And, as a special holiday bonus, consumers may enter the Empire/KosherEye random giveaway for a free kosher turkey delivered directly to them! (10 will be given away) To enter, consumers just complete the sentence…”I am thankful for _______” and submit to  www.koshereye.com .

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