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Summer is coming and it’s no coincidence that I start to get busier about this time every year. Most people gain five extra pounds during the colder months, hence the term-“winter weight.” The problem is, most people only lose four of those pounds. This spring, I’ll tell you how you can lose all five pounds and maybe a few extra inches.

Now you might be asking yourself, “How am I going to drop that weight?” Well, I’ll tell you, you’ll join my outdoor bootcamp! Hey, a little self-promotion never hurt anybody. The reason my bootcamp has been around for 8 years is because it’s fun! We play with different equipment like medicine balls, agility ladders, soccer balls and the list goes on.


Even if you don’t join my class (but you should), I recommend getting outside! Put your SPF 30 on, and get moving. Summer in Chicago is the only reason many of us actually live in Chicago. Take advantage of the weather and train for a runbike race, or start swimming on the cheap at park district pools.

Take a hint from me and mix up your training. Play catch, ultimate Frisbee, basketball or soccer. The reason workouts that mix different sports or exercises work, is because you body adapts. However you train, your body attempts to become more efficient at whatever you do. That means your body will eventually get used to the recumbent bike, elliptical or weight routine you’ve been doing since high school, and you’ll reach a plateau.

Since the blogosphere is all about sharing, let me know what classes or outdoor activities you like. When it comes to fitness, I’m always looking for the newest trend or toy. My latest love has been a 40 foot rope, check out the video. I just bought the outdoor version!

If you do want to join my bootcamp, let me know ASAP. Class is filling up for my Monday and Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. hour of power in Oz Park!

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