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A Thanksgiving story

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Twas the night before Thanksgiving, when all through the house a creature was stirring, but it wasn’t a mouse. 

Trevor, the family yorkie, was playing in the yard, when a skunk strolled by and sprayed him real hard. 

Poor dog let out a big, “yelp” and took off in a flurry.  He rushed through the kitchen door in quite a hurry. 

“Oh Trevor, what’s that smell?”  I heard my mom yell.

“Quick Cheryl— move your caboose.  We need something to soak up the stench!”  “I know, I’ll get tomato juice.”

So I raced out the door and drove to the store mainly because I couldn’t stand the smell anymore.

A Thanksgiving story photo 1

Tomato juice to the rescue!

Poor Trevor the only thing worse than a spray by a skunk is getting a good tomato juice dunk.

A Thanksgiving story photo 2

Trevor in his tomato juice bath…not a happy puppy

Have no fear, it basically worked.  And at least for now, Trevor was in the clear.

A Thanksgiving story photo 3

Trevor (not skunked) with Stef…happy puppy

Well, it was a Thanksgiving to remember and my very silly Oy! story preserves it forever.

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