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Office daydreaming: a photo essay

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Weather.com says it’s 76 degrees and mostly sunny outside, but I can’t confirm this firsthand. Me? I'm just chillin' in my 67 degree, mostly florescent cubicle. No, it’s fine. I can only see two windows, which face a very dark alley, and the blinds are pulled shut.

But… it’s Thursday! And that means it’s almost Friday. And that means it’s almost the freakin’ weekend, baby, I’m about to have me some fun! Top of Thursday's to-do list: Weekend Daydream. Sunshine, party trolleys, margaritas, beaches and puppies. Sigh…

Office daydreaming photo 1

Oh, hey, what did you say you were doing?

Office daydreaming photo 2

Ooooh. Say what? In an office? Yikes.

Office daydreaming photo 3

Too bad, cuz we’re just havin’ a laugh on the beach.

Office daydreaming photo 4

Watching this dog do super cute dog things.

Office daydreaming photo 5

Office daydreaming photo 6

Yep, still watching.

Office daydreaming photo 7


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