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Every year, I have one or more friends that tell me the same thing: “I’m going to start January 1st. I will work out all the time and eat nothing but veggies and protein!” And it never happens. It’s like a heart patient telling their doctor, “After a triple bypass I’ll start exercising.” What are you waiting for?

Quit procrastinating, because “I’ll start next year” never works. It does not get easier to lose weight; chocolate won’t taste worse in 2013. Burgers (cooked correctly) are always going to be delicious, unless you are anti-meat. So here’s my tip: do not give up anything. This is going to sound too simple—just eat less crap. Buy less treats, stop going to the office that’s filled with sugar for your afternoon fix. Don’t buy the cookie for your “son” instead split an awesome cookie once in a while with your “son” or anyone. 

I am not minimizing exercise, but I want people to realize step one is developing healthy eating habits. Sitting down with a plate filled with pasta, while watching TV, and drinking wine, beer, or soda is part of the problem. Eat dinner at the table, pretend you are at a restaurant. Leave the pot filled with mac and cheese on the burner and just take a small portion of it on your plate and sit down. If you want more food, get up and help yourself. By developing a habit of sitting at a table and cooking your own meals, you save money and calories. 

When my life became extremely busy I asked my wife to find me some easy recipes on-line. She found great recipes, made a grocery list and it made cooking fast. When you are organizing meals, you want to have meat (or non-meat protein like soy), VEGETABLES, and a grain (think rice, quinoa, bread, pasta). Once you start planning meals and snacks it becomes second nature to eat apple slices and peanut butter, and hummus and carrots instead of peanut butter cups. 

# 1 Ron Tip: Cut up two apples on Sunday night, squeeze lemon over it and place in a container. 

Most people are not eating enough fruits and vegetables. Aside from nutrition and minerals, fruits and vegetables actually taste good. Get in a routine of cutting up fruits and vegetables on Sundays and snacking on them. It also makes cooking easier when you already have the veggies sliced.

# 2 Ron Tip: Frozen veggies are so easy for side dishes with dinner. I often make Jasmine Rice and when it has 5 minutes left to cook I drop in frozen veggies. 

Along with eating well you have to move your body to be healthy. Whatever your health goals are, exercise is a must. Many people lose a ton of weight by walking and eating better. Since the number one excuse I get from people is, I don’t have the time, you have to plan it.

# 3 Ron Tip: In your phone, planner, calendar write in workout 11-11:30, or 5-6, 8-9, whatever time works for you pencil it in and do it. Even if it’s 10 minutes start fitting it in. 

Walking for an hour or biking for a few hours around town, is awesome but not always realistic. And I know, not everyone is able to work out at lunch like me. The good news is, you can work out for 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at lunch and another 10 minutes after work and it counts. If I don’t have a lot of time to workout I do an intense 10 or 20 minutes. 

# 4 Ron Tip: If you plateau, you need to take your workout up a level, try something different and make it count. Pick four exercises like pushups, lunges, rows, and hip lifts, and do ten repetitions of each exercise and move on to the next exercise—do that straight for 10 minutes. It’s a simple way to burn calories and build muscles. If you have 30 minutes, you can do three different circuits and you will be sweating! 

Have a great 2013!!! Whatever your goals are, put them down on paper, make a plan how you’ll get there and follow through. Don’t forget to ask for help. If you need fitness help, let me know below. 

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