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What I Did Today In Reverse Alphabetical Order

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In honor of the 29th of February, I decided to not have a very ordinary day. I chose to have a day that might happen only once every 4 years. At least in my life anyway. A day in which I tried to do something that started with every letter of the alphabet. Following is a list of my activities that took place throughout the day. Enjoy!

Z- I didn’t do anything with Z. Kind of a bad start. But not many things involve the letter Z. I can only think of two. Zombies and zebras….oh wait…I rode a zebra today. Forgot about that.

Y- Yodeled. Not too much though. Just enough to get it out of my system.

X- Just marked that spot.

W- Walked a mile in my own shoes, just to see how it felt. I now realize I knew nothing until then.

V- Voiced my opinion on how I am a productive procrastinator. I thought I had some strong arguments but instead gave up.

U- Unregistered from being an Earth citizen. I want to keep my options open.

S- Smugly realized I knew the alphabet in reverse.

T- Thought, but was mistaken, that I knew the alphabet in reverse.

R- Repaired my alarm clock. It should finally stop waking me up.

Q- Questioned the meaning of life. Realized I am Jewish, therefore started questioning what that small spot on my arm was. Will go to the doctor tomorrow.

P- Purchased a rug for my rug. It really ties the rug together.

LMNO- Organized my thoughts and figured an easy to way to consolidate four things into one. Now I have one dollar instead of four quarters.

K- Kung fu-ed my way out of a brown paper bag. Please don’t ask.

J- Jumped to conclusions. Took them for all they were worth.

I- Issued a statement to all my enemies that if they do not wish to speak to me I do not wish to speak to them and that it’d be great if they would call me immediately to confirm.

H- Hijacked a shopping cart. I am now the proud owner of 6-pack of Kleenex, a box of Good and Plenty and some Dr. Scholl’s. All of which don’t taste terrible.

G- Gave my regards to Broadway. Will hear from them in 5-10 business days.
Pineapple: Just making sure you’re paying attention.

F- Forgot where I left my keys. Then, wouldn’t you know it, I found them in the second to last place I looked.

E- Educated myself on the difference between ketchup and catsup. One word is a slang way for felines to ask “How’s it going?”. The other word is catsup.

D- Deflated my bicycle tires to assure I continued my rigorous lack of exercise.

C- Cookie. (That should be good enough for you)

B- Brushed up on my brushing.

A- Accepted the challenge I gave to myself to spend my one extra day that I get every four years to make a silly list such as the one you have just read. Or skimmed. Or avoided altogether.

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