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This is a difficult time of year for me. Every February, I'm bombarded by emails about the latest spring fashions. Always a fan of predominately neutrals paired with the unexpected neon or shimmery accent, this season's spring runway is right up my alley. Not to sound too dramatic, but this fashionista is suffering. To me, fashion is more than simply clothing and accessories; it's a form of artistic personal expression. Feeling confident in how we look helps us put our best foot forward and with the warm weather and soft breeze, springtime is a fabulous time to embrace fashion.

I receive emails from several stores and fashion blogs daily. The options are endless, how do I choose? As in years past, I can't help but feel like this excitement could not come at a worse time. Recouping from the expense of the holidays, it would be nice to save money. Furthermore, although this winter has thankfully been rather mild, it's still dragging on and with flurries still in the forecast, spring seems eons away, making it hard for me to conceptualize spring fashion when I'm sitting here typing in my heavy cashmere sweater and boots.

But, I supposed I should swallow my aggravation as it's never too early to prepare to hit the Chicago streets in style. Although I may not be whipping out my credit card just yet, I'm scoping out the selection for when the time is right. I will be the first to admit that, unfortunately, shopping on a budget has never been a great skill of mine, but understanding that I am on a budget, I've developed a knack for selecting just a handful of key seasonal items (not necessarily frugal, but also not astronomical) that get me through each season classically and with a little edge.

Hence, I'm offering up my opinion on good examples of what I believe are spring's key items for the female wardrobe, and with my limited time to peruse the selection these days, I am presenting simply what has come through my email inbox that has looked appealing. (Gentlemen, don't you worry, although I have to conduct some further research and practice a little bit more on my boyfriend, you'll be next in March.)

Here it goes:

  1. Something I absolutely love about spring is how the change of weather makes me feel like I can take more fashion risks and embrace a more casual, edgy bohemian vibe. A good pair of bell-bottoms never goes out of style. Embracing springtime even further, how about ivory. Check out these jeans from Club Monaco.
  2. I mentioned neons above. Let's get it straight, neons in moderation are awesome and so hot (word play) right now. There is also nothing like an edgy, feminine look. Not too sweet, not too sassy. Loving this frock on neimanmarcus.com from the Nanette Lepore runway.
  3. The most versatile and fun spring/summer piece is the right tunic-style top or dress. Paired and accessorized correctly, it literally can go anywhere from the office to the bar to the beach. Australian blogger Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage masters the look in the center image originally presented by www.whowhatwhear.com.
  4. Lastly, I recently bought this blazer from J. Crew. It's 100% classic and the ivory color and medium weight allows it to be the perfect seasonal transition piece. To me, tweed is a year-round fabric. Work to play, I can't wait to wear it continuously.
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