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Tips for a smaller waist in 2011

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Let’s cut through all the crap and talk about how you can get in shape this year. There will be no yelling trainer, no super hype infomercial, no “miracle pill” just simple advice for a fitter you in 2011.

The Workout

Has anyone heard of the P90X? If you haven’t, you need to get out more. The idea behind it is six intense workouts each week. Even the star of the video, Tony Horton, says, “If you workout six days a week for an hour, you’re going to get in better shape.” And that’s what I’ve been telling all my friends and clients that ask me about P90X. I need to create HI45, a high intensity 45 minute workout. I’ll add that to my 2011 goals. As for you, figure out when you can work out. Analyze your day and look for the time that works best for you. Try to do something active every day, here are some ideas:

• Go for a walk at lunch
• Wake up 30 minutes early and do part of a workout video
• Join a sports league
• Workout at lunch
• Play with your kids actively
• While watching your favorite shows—plank, jog in place, push up…

If you have been saying for years ‘I need to get in shape!’ do something about it! Trainers aren’t cheap but that’s one of the reasons people come. If you are paying 65-$100 for an hour, you are going to show up. If you decide to hire a trainer check them out first on Yelp or Facebook, watch them train others. It’s important you find someone that will push you but won’t break you. Some trainers don’t understand the difference (my gym pet peeve).

The most important workout tip is consistency. Find something that you can stick with. I don’t care if it’s climbing the stairs twice a day at the office, write it down in your calendar and do it!

The Diet Plan

The Lemonade diet, the Fat Flush, the Atkins, the cookie diet (seriously, there is one) are usually not the answer.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen many people lose weight on the Atkins and South Beach diet. And I’ve seen almost all of them gain the weight back. The problem with the Blood Type Diet, Sugar Busters, and the other diets I’ve mentioned, is that they are not lifestyle changes. You are not going to skip bread for the rest of your life. However, you can decide to eat less of it. I know crazy concept, portion control. It’s not as exciting but it does the trick. That’s one of the reasons I like Weight Watchers, it teaches you how to eat the right amount of food. You don’t have to cut out the cookies, just eat one! If you are really serious about losing weight, log your food for two weeks. That will allow you to see when you eat crap and what you can replace it with.

When you look at the food you consume on a regular basis also look at the time. Maybe the reason you eat a mini-Reese’s (aside from the fast, they’re delicious) at 3:30 is because you’re starving and the bowl of treats is really close to your office. Make healthy snacks convenient. Bring them to work, to movies, airports…

Snacks along with any meal should have a protein (meat, beans, tofu), a carbohydrate (brown rice, pasta, potato) and a fat (olive oil, avocado, peanut butter). Having all those elements help keep you full longer. The problem with only eating rice cakes and red peppers, you will be hungry all the time. If you can add more protein and fiber it will satiate you better. Here are some examples of healthy snacks/meals:

• Chicken breast, rice, and broccoli
• Sweet potato with walnuts
• Celery, peanut butter, raisins
• Apple with almond butter
• A handful of almonds
• String cheese melted on wheat bread
• Greek Yogurt with honey
• Cashews and cucumbers
• Bean dip on a whole wheat pita
• Quinoa salad

Share your simple health strategies below. Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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