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Behind the Wheel…of the Wienermobile photo_th
Like many women, Robin Gelfenbien experienced bullying during her younger years. But Gelfenbien found redemption in the most unconventional of places: behind the steering wheel of Oscar Meyer’s Wienermobile. Read More

The name that should have stayed a secret photo_th
Had her life gone the way she had expected it to, you would never have known Valerie Plame Wilson’s name. But on July 14, 2003, her identity as a covert CIA agent was revealed by Washington Post columnist Robert Novak in an article about her husband, former U.S. diplomat Joseph Wilson. More shocking than seeing her name in print was the sense of betrayal she felt—her name had supposedly been leaked by Bush administration officials as retaliation for her husband’s op-ed in the New York Times called “What I Didn’t Find in Africa.” Read More

Not as grown up as I thought I was photo_th
Several weeks ago, I had a quarter-life crisis. (And I’m not technically old enough to be considered quarter-aged.) I was sitting at my desk, doing some work, when an anxiety-provoking thought exploded in my brain: “You’re a grownup.” “No, no, no,” I thought. I hadn’t even reached my first high school reunion. Read More

What’s new on the Jewish bookshelf photo_th
For Jewish readers of all ages, books about the Holocaust and World War II have always been popular, both in fiction and non-fiction. Given the magnitude of those historical events, and the particular importance that their memories hold for the Jewish people, it makes sense that so much literature is dedicated to them. Read More

Happy Thanksgiving photo_th
With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, there's no way I can avoid writing a blog about the holiday of turkeys, cranberries and too many relatives cramped in one space. Read More

TOV connects hot make-up artist photo_th
Eric Holt makes his living enhancing and perfecting peoples' appearances. As a makeup artist, he knows that when people like how they look, they can't help but feel uplifted emotionally as well. Last week, in the spirit of the holiday season, Holt wanted to volunteer his services to women he felt could use an emotional boost-cancer patients. Read More

The ‘Jewish Jordan’ talks basketball photo_th
"Jewish Jordan"—that's the nickname Sports Illustrated gave Tamir Goodman when he was merely 17 years old and a high school junior at the Talmudical Academy of Baltimore. Ranked among the best 25 high school basketball players in America, Goodman seemed set to become the first Orthodox Jew to play for the NBA. Read More

2012: What’s the progress photo_th
Right before the end of the year, I wrote a blog post for JUF News in which I reminisced about 2011 and shared my personal aspirations for 2012. Read More

Miri Ben Ari photo_th
Before last week, I had never seen Miri Ben-Ari perform. But working at JUF, I sure had heard a lot about her. Read More

Things I’ve learned from raising a puppy photo_th
I have a puppy named Levi. He's about eight months old, and he is an adorable chiweenie. Chi-what? Yep, you read that right. Levi's a chiweenie. (Or as a friend said, a teeny chiweenie.) Read More

Why Regina Spektor is worth listening to photo_th
As soon as I heard her music around six or seven years ago, I knew Regina Spektor would become one of my favorite musicians. I had never heard anyone like her before, and was absolutely captivated by the beauty of her storytelling and piano-playing. Read More

Jason Alexander photo_th
You might call Jason Alexander a modern-day Renaissance Man. Whether it is television, the big screen, or the live stage, he has tackled it. In addition to acting, Alexander has also taught, produced, and directed. Oh, and along the years, he has managed to nab a Tony Award, as well as a handful of Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Read More

Essman thumbnail
Comedian Susie Essman has been in the stand-up world for over two decades, first appearing on Comedy Central back in 1992. But Essman’s greatest success has come from acting on HBO’s hit show, Curb Your Enthusiasm. As Susie Greene, Essman entertains with witty, outrageous lines, most of which include expletives and none of which can be printed. Read More

Why I’m not quite ready to get an e-reader photo_th
One of my co-workers recently came by my office to show off a new gadget. “It’s a Kindle Fire,” he exclaimed. Shining in the bright office light, I could see why it was such an attractive piece of technology – Internet, books, movies, music and more, all in one sleek, smooth tablet. Read More

Why it’s important to read good news photo_th
Whenever I discuss the news with someone, one word seems to come up often: "depressing." Regardless of what news site you read, each page refresh brings more troubling information, regarding everything from merciless killers to crooked politicians. Another day, another crime, misdeed or tragedy. Read More

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