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Sam and Erica Weisz, past contributing bloggers

Sam and Erica Weisz were wed in 2009 and haven't looked back. Erica is excited to be teaching elementary school, where her passion is in creative writing and working with English language learners. Apart from practicing dentistry at Libertyville Dental Associates and Dental Salon in Chicago, Sam has tried to stay true to his Jewish roots, studying and attending classes.

Together Sam and Erica have a knack for finding the finest places to dine for under $20. Just ask and they will tell you about their food adventures in Chicago and beyond. Sam and Erica are excited to continue to learn and grow as a couple as they embark on another adventure to Uganda this Spring— in their long line of newlywed experiments.

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Our parents counted out eight crisp singles. We are now ready for our trip, but are hoping not to need the eight bucks. Erica and I have officially been hired as mitzvah messengers, shaliach mitzvah, in hopes of returning home safe, in one piece.

Hugs, Mozungos, and Mbale photo_th

The meeting of the minds of Mbale’s Jewish ambassadors. First impressions drew us in with the sincerity of the handshake. It’s not a wimpy, nice to meet you handshake. We are talking about a genuine excitement, one reflected in a full body handshake leading to many lengthy hugs.

Teaching Uganda's Jewish children photo_th

Our first days in Mbale Town were filled with many “meetings.” Short-term and long-term dental goals, logistics, and schedules were discussed at length. As decisions were slowly made, we felt more than ready to hit the field running. Be prepared, Africa!

Under the Mango Tree photo_th

The week was filled with outside dentistry. Our days were spent under the shade of a mango tree, helping the community with much needed dental care.

A Story of Old for Our Kids of Today photo_th

With each Jewish holiday, we revisit familiar stories, many of which we grew up with since our youth: Queen Esther on Purim, Moses on Passover, Judah and the Maccabees on Chanukah. And every year, we are challenged to find new meaning within the stories, in order to keep them fresh and alive for the next generation.



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