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Aaron Levine, past contributing blogger

Aaron Levine is the Teen and Campus Programming Coordinator at JUF. Before working there, Aaron spent six years working for Camp Young Judaea Midwest and graduated from Michigan State University College of Agriculture with a degree in Environmental Economics & Policy.

An avid Red Wings and MSU sports fan, Aaron also enjoys hiking, racquetball, making new friends, and deboarding at random stops on the EL!

When life gives you eggplant photo_th

Even before my graduation from Michigan State University this past spring, it was clear to me and to those in my graduating class that we would be entering the most difficult job market (save for those poor ’09 grads) in recent years.  With many of my friends planning to move away from Michigan after graduation, I knew I too, would most likely end up a Detroit native living in a foreign land.

Finding life’s spring in winter photo_th

The cold of winter is awesome – I love it.  Call me crazy.  Maybe it’s because I’m from Michigan where it is commonplace to drive our snowmobiles to work and break out the snowshoes just to get to the mailbox.

My welcome to Chicago moment photo_th

In the days leading up to the blizzaster, I was pretty skeptical that anything of substance would actually happen.  Living in Chicago after moving from Detroit, I am always looking to compare life here to life where I grew up.

Life lessons learned while turtle racing photo_th

I have found the newest cool place to hang out on weekends.  It involves good times, lots of people, and animals!  I know you’re probably thinking ____ but it’s not.  I’m talking about turtle racing!

A piece of litter goes to Wrigley photo_th

Recently, I feel like life is moving extraordinarily fast. It seems like just a couple of days ago it was April. Okay, that is actually true, so let’s try that again. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago it was February. Even so, trying to remember what February was all about, on the other hand, is a dubious task.



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