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Almond jOy photo_th
Have you ever seen an almond and thought that G-d was with you? Or that the little brown beauty was a sign of a divine presence? Read More

Finding My Calling photo_th
This one time at Jewish overnight camp … I discovered my calling. No, I am not a rabbi. No, I am not a teacher. And I am not a social worker either. Instead, it was at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin that I realized I wanted to work in the health field. Read More

Pomegranate thumb
It’s been said that within each pomegranate there are 613 seeds, just like there are 613 commandments. This is why the pomegranate is one of the seven species of Israel. Read More

Why I Am a Coco-Nut photo_th
I wake up 20 minutes early every day just to swish coconut oil around in my mouth. During those extra, should-be-still-sleeping-in-my-comfortable-bed 20 minutes, I am actual-ly helping both my health and my business. Read More

Let It Go 2 photo_th
It is not a secret that holding onto something — an idea, an object, or a person — isn’t healthy, but we all seem to do it. People often tell me that they have unexplainable pain, and after we talk they start to breathe and the pain magically disappears. Read More

Animals Don’t Lie photo_th
This weekend, we will read Noach, a Torah portion that is very dear to my heart because of its emphasis on animals. The people in the world became evil and G-d wanted to start anew, so he flooded the world leaving only Noah, his family, and two animals from each species (male and female) alive. Read More

Give It Up for Lentils photo_th
In this week’s parsha, Toldot, we learn that Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for red lentil soup. He was famished from working all day and he needed food so Jacob tricked Esau into selling his birthright for a hot meal. We also learn that Esau was a hunter and Jacob a learned young man. Read More

Food in Technicolor photo_th2
Parshat Vayeshev is the story of Joseph, and whenever I think of Joseph, I think of his amazing technicolor coat given to him by his father, Jacob. This very special coat was a sign of greatness. This concept of technicolor equaling greatness isn’t something that we should just strive for in our wardrobe, but also on our plates. Read More

bugs thumbnail
When insects are discussed in the Torah, they are usually portrayed negatively. Read More

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