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What happens in Vegas…Part II photo_th
It has been over a week since my return from TribeFest 2012 in Las Vegas and I am still in shock. I have not fully processed my experience, and to be honest, I am not sure I ever will. Read More

My journey as an interfaith leader photo_th
Not long ago, I was sitting right where you are…no, I am not a child prodigy that graduated from college at age 12, I just look like it! I was graduating from college, at age 22, where religion had been a MAJOR part of my experience. Read More

Second Annual Feed Chicago helps more in need photo_th
"Giving back to the community through volunteer work is not a noble deed," said Eryn Bizar, a site leader for YLD and TOV's Feed Chicago, "it is just simply the right thing to do." Eryn's words were put into action on Sunday, March 3, when more than 130 young adults volunteered throughout the Chicago area. In just one day, more than 15 projects were completed at 13 different organizations and hundreds of lives were touched. Read More

My journey as an interfaith leader photo_th
Seven months ago, I shocked myself and many of my coworkers at the Jewish United Fund; I gave my notice, leaving JUF and YLD for the world of finance. Read More

Process for Success photo_th
You need a process in order to succeed – we all do. Almost every field of business requires one, fundraising and finance included. Read More

Don’t we all speak the same language? photo_th
You would think that fundraisers and finance professionals would get along. I mean, they both speak in terms of numbers, they both focus on amounts raised and they both obsess over what is done with it. Read More

Just Say “Yes” photo_th
Have you ever noticed how improvisational actors need to accept whatever is offered to them on stage? In order for a scene to flow, the actors take whatever arises and continue on. What if we did that in real life as well? Read More

Caryn Fields photo_th
With the Jewish New Year creeping upon us, I thought I would provide some thoughts on how to change your money mindset for 5775. Read More

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