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The Five Books that Changed My Life
The Five Books that Changed My Life photo_th

I’d like to use this space to share with you the five books that have changed my life. Please let me know if these books have changed your life, too; and feel free to comment with books that have changed your life!

Some ‘Take Out’ Takeaways
Some ‘Take Out’ Takeaways photo_th

A Jewish ethicist, Rabbi Elya Lopian, once commented that the true measurement of a person’s middot, or character traits, is how he or she treats those in his or her own home.

Top Jewish Sports Jerseys for 2016
Top Jewish Sports Jerseys for 2016 photo_th

As a child I was a big fan of sports jerseys. I would buy the jerseys of all sorts of athletes. The problem was once that player got traded, it took years before some of them became retro and “acceptable” to wear. (I am still waiting on my Rex Grossman jersey to be cool again.)

Warm Tuscan Kale Salad
Warm Tuscan Kale Salad photo_th

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and thought, ”Hmmm why can’t I make stuff like this at home?”

15 Years
15 Years photo_th

I’m getting a little nostalgic. This is my 15th year of being a certified fitness trainer. I never imagined I would be in the fitness world this long. Training has moved from hobby and part-time job, to full-time passion. When I received my updated training card I couldn’t help but reflect back on all the people and places that have influenced me and my training style.

The Hard Question(s)
The Hard Question(s) photo_th

Everyone makes fun of each other for New Year’s resolutions. Why? I say root for each other.

8 Questions for Ashley O’Brien photo _md
8 Questions for Ashley O’Brien: Creator of Hebrewish Designs, hip-hop and Hebrew enthusiast, Israel-lover

Toward the end of last year, Ashley O'Brien put her love of Hebrew, rap lyrics, puns and graphic design to good use by starting Hebrewish Designs, an Etsy shop that quickly went viral on Twitter, Instagram and beyond.


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Jewish a cappella on campus
Jewish a cappella on campus photo_th

In the American musical comedy Pitch Perfect, world domination, singing talent, rivalries, friendships, and even a much needed vacation from boyfriends bring the Barden Bellas and other a cappella groups together.

We’re looking for Chicago Jewish singles …
Single, Jewish and Figuring It Out photo_mth

Are you Jewish, single and trying to navigate through life in Chicago as an unchained 20 or 30-something? Oy!Chicago is looking for guest writers of all writing experience levels to contribute to our next special blog series, “Single, Jewish and Figuring It Out,” a collection of first-person stories that captures the scope of single Jewish life in Chicago.

8 Questions for Jeremy Klaben: Founder and CEO of Brightwok Kitchen
Jeremy Klaben thumb

Jeremy Klaben is working to make Chicago brighter (and we could all use more brightness in these dreary winter months). His new restaurant, Brightwok Kitchen, located at 21 E. Adams St., is one of the more unique fast-casual bright spots in the Loop.



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