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It’s gotta be spring somewhere
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Polar vortexes and mountains of snow be damned, full speed ahead to spring and the holiday! We Chicagoans have been through a lot and we deserve a delicious and full flavored Passover. My theme for all the food this year is CLEAN recipes. No hidden ingredients and no faux or ersatz substitutes. Just pure, scrumptious flavors.

The power of the jester
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There's this scene in National Lampoon's Vacation that gets me every time I see it. Maybe you remember it too. It's the one where the camera pans to the two kids sleeping in the back seat of the Griswold mobile, then to the mom napping on the passenger side, and finally to Clark sleeping peacefully in the driver's seat—the car still in motion.

A Case of March Madness
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It might no longer be March, but it’s still Madness.

Passover and Punk
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In the 1940s David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, came to the United States and said to a group of senators, “Your ancestors came to America 300 years ago to fight for freedom. But tell me, can you remember the day they set out and the food they ate on the way?”

Meathead Myths
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There are so many myths out there that I wanted to tackle four that can be overheard in gyms and blogs everywhere. 

A Legen – wait for it –
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After nine seasons, Monday night was the last episode of How I Met Your Mother. Ted Mosby’s kids (and countless fans of the show) finally know the full story of how he met their mother.

10 Jewish Baseball Stories to Follow in 2014
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A few years ago we were talking about Poreda as the next in line in terms of solid Jewish MLB starters. He emerged quickly with the White Sox and was a major piece of the Jake Peavy trade.

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Stephanie Goldfarb on 'America's Best Cook' - Episode 2

Only two episodes in and things are cooking for Stephanie Goldfarb on “America’s Best Cook,” the new Food Network reality cooking competition


If you could invite the cast of a current TV comedy to your seder, which would it be?

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  3. How To Insult Someone In Yiddish
  4. Walking to save “The Girls,” Part III
  5. An Interview with Former Jewish Blackhawk, Steve Dubinsky
8 Questions for Alan Goodis: Jewish rocker, traveling songleader, teen engagement expert
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Alan Goodis is a Jewish musician, not just a musician who is Jewish. And writing and performing Jewish music isn’t the half of it.

Give her a nice blog post for Mother’s Day
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We love our Jewish mothers. Mostly because we want to, but also because we don’t want to find out what happens if we don’t. But seriously, any Jewish mother or mom who raised a Jewish child, deserves a ton of recognition and love, so we at Oy!Chicago want to invite you to participate in our upcoming blog series, “I Love You Too, Mom.”

18 Ways to Make Someone Your New Jewish Best Friend
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Are you a Meredith Grey seeking a Cristina Yang? A Nick Miller seeking a Schmidt? A Will seeking a Grace? We know how it is.


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