‘I’ll Never Move to Chicago’ photo 1
I’ve moved around a few times since leaving the Milwaukee suburbs as an 18-year-old to attend college, but none was more unappealing than the prospect of moving to Chicago.
A Jewish Beginners Guide to Whiskey photo 1
Whether you’re new to the whiskey world or you love it and just don’t know much about it, there are a few things you should know that will at least make you conversational in whisk-ese.
Mason Edelson hopes to start the next big ‘Graze’ photo 1
Chicago’s latest Jewish restaurateur opens ‘bowls and burgers’ concept in the new Revival Food Hall
Jason Lezak
Just as we are captivated by the swimmers of Team USA at these 2016 Rio Games, we were glued to our televisions over the past few Olympics watching Jason Lezak become one of the most decorated swimmers, Olympians, and Jewish athletes of all time.

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