Let’s Fail photo
What I mean by failing more is that I want to try more things I’m actually interested in. The fact is I don’t do that often enough.
Interview with Chicago Sky President Adam Fox photo
The Chicago Sky sparked my interest when I found out that their president was Adam Fox, a nice Jewish guy from the Chicago suburbs.
Making the world photo
My mom, who started her career in broadcast radio in the early 1970s at the height of women's lib, would tell me that sexual harassment in the workplace used to be totally different.
The Birthright Crush that Wouldn’t Go Away photo 2
I’ll be honest -- when I signed up for Birthright Israel, I was just looking for a free trip. Then I met an Israeli boy named Elad.
pants splitting
Imagine you’re in a room full of at least 50 Jewish professionals listening to a presentation. You bend down in your suit and a terrifying ripping noise surprises your ears.

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