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Alan Lagunov

Alan Lagunov serves Chicago's Jewish community as board president of ACCESS, American Jewish Committee's Young Leadership Program that empowers young Jews to become activists regarding critical domestic and international issues. He devotes much of his free time to the organization, seeking Jewish leaders willing to advocate on behalf of Jews across the globe, helping to build interfaith relationships, promoting human rights, attending lectures, meeting with foreign diplomats, and promoting events.

Alan immigrated to Chicago from the Former Soviet Union, and deeply feels the need to pay it forward and be a strong advocate for Jews around the world and human rights for all.  He is involved with JUF's Russian Jewish Division and was a member of the Eisenberg Foundation board from 2007-2015.



Primary gig:

Vice President of Acquisitions at Kaufman Jacobs, LLC

On the side:

Manage my personal real estate investments and travel as much as possible

Relationship status:

Currently living with a foreigner, it’s serious

Describe yourself in 10 words or less:

Advocate for Jewish causes and passionate about real estate

Celebrity doppelganger/who would play you in a movie:

Hugh Jackman

Something most people don’t know about me:

I was a three-time All-State Water Polo athlete in high school