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Julie Feldman

Julie Feldman doesn't know the meaning of working 9 to 5. She doesn't view her work at her school and summer camp as a job, but rather as an opportunity for her to give her heart and soul to children. 

Julie spends her days working with middle school students, their parents, and their teachers as a social worker at a charter school on Chicago's West Side. Then she works a second job as the assistant director of Camp Firefly, a therapeutic overnight camp for children and young adults with emotional and behavioral issues run by Jewish Child & Family Services in partnership with JCC Camp Chi.

From helping parents adjust to the idea of sending their child with autism to camp for a week, to shopping for food and supplies for students at her school, Julie strives to help children living in poverty and kids facing social and emotional challenges lead brighter lives.



Primary gig:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Rowe Elementary School and assistant director at Camp Firefly at Camp Chi in Wisconsin

On the side:

Past marathoner, current triathlete

Relationship status:


Something most people don’t know about me:

I am proud of my ability to overcome my asthma and fear of swimming to become an effective triathlete who now has no fear of swimming in the lake!

How do you Jew in Chicago?

My Jewish friends and I encourage and inspire one another to incorporate our faith and values into our everyday life…[also] my eating habits! Not a day goes by that I don’t eat or dream about hummus, and would eat lox and matzo ball soup every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.

Me in 10 years:

I hope to still be fighting the hard fight in Chicago, working to put an end to the generational education gap often caused by poverty and supporting families impacted by autism.