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Matt Gaines

Matt Gaines personifies what it means to be a Jew who gives back to the community, dedicating his time and resources to help people in need in Chicagoland and abroad.

Less than a year after he married his wife, Sarah, Sarah's mother, beloved Highland Park pediatrician "Dr. Sue" Weisberg, passed away. Matt and Sarah worked together to fulfill Dr. Sue's wish and create the Dr. Sue Children's Library in Highland Park. The library focuses on teaching children Jewish traditions through art, play and reading and fundraising is under way to build the library and expand its influence nation-wide.

Matt balances these efforts with his day job as a senior consultant at Altair Advisers LLC, a private, independent wealth advisory firm. He is chair of the JUF Young Financial Group Committee and a member of JUF's Professional Advisory Committee and Legacies & Endowments Committee. He is also a Jewish Council for Youth Services board member.



Primary gig:

Senior Consultant at Altair Advisers LLC

On the side:

Active member of Chicago’s Jewish Community, University of Wisconsin sports fan and striving to be Super Dad!

Relationship status:


Describe yourself in 10 words or less:

I wake up grateful every day.

Celebrity doppelganger/who would play you in a movie:

My daughter constantly tells me I look like Elmo.

How do you Jew in Chicago?

I attend North Suburban Synagogue Beth El and the Central Avenue Synagogue Chabad. But, most importantly, I make sure to eat lox and bagels at least three times a week.