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I am going to tell you the best time to start working on your goals and it’s not “After New Year’s.” Around the holidays people are big on that comment, especially with diet and exercise. People often set goals/resolutions in the New Year; it’s the perfect time to achieve your dreams – or is it?

Whether you are a goal setter or simply want to get in better shape, start right now. Don’t wait for 2015, or your new job, or your new house ... excuses are easy for all of us, especially with eating sugary goodness during the holidays.

During the holidays, I made a ridiculously unhealthy delicious sugar bomb and ate a tiny piece, enjoying every single minute of it. Does that mean I’m waiting for next year to eat healthy? Of course not. Most nights there’s no dessert on my table, but occasionally I indulge. Part of being healthy is enjoying desserts sometimes, so you never get to that binging point.

With 2015 only a few days away, many of you might think I’m crazy. Why would anyone start with a new goal on Dec. 30? The simplest answer is most people give up on their goals (usually mid-February) so why not start early? Make a lifestyle change right now, because this is what you really want. Don’t deprive yourself of a fat steak, salty frites, and the industry standard lava cake (which I also bake), just enjoy small portions of each. Add a green vegetable to the plate that’s not deep fried. Since you cannot find a cab on New Year’s find a place in safe walking distance.

Another key to success is small steps. I have one client that gave up all sweets for a year, and to my surprise he did it. I have numerous clients make bold statements like that. Out of hundreds of clients attempting crazy diets/goals the ones that make it start with small changes:

- No more daily trips to the candy bowl
- Refill their water bottle at least twice a day
- Join Weight Watchers
- Try a new fitness class
- Cook more and brown bag their lunch
- Learn to share treats

If your goal is to be healthier, start right now with a quick trip to the water cooler, and if no one is looking, maybe add 10 squats.

Have a healthy, happy New Year! Be sure to send me questions and comments to rkrit@fitwithkrit.com

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