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Reconstructing my afternoon commute

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You know how it is in Chicago. Two seasons: Winter and construction. And sometimeslike right nowit's both.

I am assuming that the construction gods got together up in heaven and said, "How can we make Lia's commute to work even longer?"

They must have known that in the car I'm listening to the third "Clan of the Cave Bear" book on audiobook (highly recommended, by the way), which happens to be one of the longest books I've ever listened to. It's the only silver lining of all of the construction.

It seems like I am constantly hitting one construction roadblock after another. I know several routes home on my 20-mile commute, but not enough alternate routes to avoid the frequent road closures. I turn rightroad closed. Turn left local traffic only. Turn around, turn left, turn right slow traffic due to a road closure somewhere else. I feel stuck.

To help you visualize my daily commute home, please see Exhibit A.


It makes me feel like I'm actually inside of this:


Unfortunatelyor, really, fortunatelyI love where I work and I love where I live, so, alas, this commute must remain a long and winding road. Until they invent a way to beam me up to work in an instant, and until we get enough snow for the construction workers to close up shop for the season, I'll just try to sit back, buckle in, turn on my beloved audiobooks, and enjoy the ride.

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