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Noah A. Frank

There's a reason Noah Frank is known among friends as "The Mayor." If he's not a Jew you already know, you will soon, given his active involvement as an informal "connector" in Chicago's Jewish community. (He's already introduced four couples that have gotten married -- and counting!).

An active leader in Chicago's Jewish community and legal community, whatever he does, Noah does it with passion, motivating everyone around him to get involved and give back. Whether it's volunteering at JUF's Uptown Cafe or Israel Solidarity Day, serving on the Hillel Board, or mentoring law students, he makes a concerted effort to give of his time. He serves in various capacities with the Chicago Bar Association, American Bar Association and Illinois Chamber of Commerce. He is also the founder of the University of Illinois Jewish Alumni Network, an official partner affiliate of the University of Illinois Alumni Association.



Primary gig:

Labor and employment attorney representing management at SmithAmundsen, LLC

On the side:

Sweet potato fries with lots of ketchup.

Relationship status:

Happily married to Molly

How do you give back?

I give back in two principle ways: actively leading my organizations, and forging connections. I strongly believe that if you are going to join an organization you need to be active: leading the human resources committee of a nonprofit, providing pro bono legal services, or providing insight in a strategic plan to guide the organization’s future. As a connector, I derive great satisfaction in helping someone get a job or meet a new friend or more.

Celebrity doppelganger/who would play you in a movie:

Tom Hanks. Not because we look alike, but because my movie life would be clever, slightly romantic, and endearing.

How do you Jew in Chicago?

The best way I know how: supporting Jewish causes with Jewish people.